Organizing and conducting of two promotional events

On 20.11.2023, two project events were held, organized by the Municipality of Shabla in its capacity as a Lead Partner, as part of the activities on project № ROBG-407 „Restoration of unique common cultural heritage and promotion of joint tourism product “Hamangia – first civilisation of old Europe”, financed under Contract № 81781/17.07.2018, Priority Axis 2: „Green region“, Specific Objective 2.1: „To improve the sustainable use of natural heritage and resources and cultural heritage“ under the INTERREG V-A Romania-Bulgaria Programme 2014-2020.

The participants in the first promotional event were introduced to the goals and implemented activities, the achieved results, the partners and the project team, after which they visited the Archaeological Complex – Durankulak. The participants of the promotional tourist tour had the opportunity to visit the two sites of the joint tourist route “Hamangia”, namely the Archaeological complex – Durankulak near the village of Durankulak, Shabla Municipality and the “Hamangia” Center in the city of Cernavoda, Romania, and familiarize themselves with the services created under the project – a virtual tour of the objects, the Thinker’s workshop, 3D reconstruction of the objects and free applications for smartphones.

During the two project events, the attendees had the opportunity to get acquainted with the “Hamangia” culture, which was discovered about 8,000 years ago and preceded in its development the European communities of the time. It is the first European proto-civilization that charted the direction and cultural development of a large part of the Old Continent.

Archaeological excavations at the site began in 1975 under the direction of Prof. Henrietta Todorova. Eight cultural layers were discovered there, the first two being from the Early Stone-Copper Age, the next four from the Late Stone-Copper Age, one from the Late Bronze Age and one from the Early Middle Ages. The attendees were also introduced to the largest prehistoric necropolis with over 1,200 discovered and studied burial facilities, which is the largest not only in Europe but also in the world. The oldest worked gold in the prehistoric world was found in it.

It is planned that the Archaeological Complex – Durankulak will open its doors in March 2024.

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