Shabla Municipality hosts a working meeting for the future tourist product “Hamandjia”

A commission led by the mayor of Shabla municipality, Marian Zhechev, participated in a working meeting with our Romanian partners on the project “Restoration of the unique common cultural heritage and promotion of the joint tourist product” Hamandjia – the first civilization of old Europe “.
The participants from both sides exchanged information about what has been done so far. They discussed the urgent action to be taken by both parties, namely a joint study, the results of which will be announced at a conference this summer.
The program also included a screening of a documentary about the Big Island at the Green Education Center and a visit to the archeological site.
The leading partner in the project is the municipality of Shabla, and its partner is the municipality of Cherna Voda, Romania. The project started in July 2018 and is expected to end in July 2021.
The overall goal of the project is to improve the sustainable use of the cultural heritage – the Hamandjia culture in the Bulgarian and Romanian region of Dobrudja, through joint efforts and actions to preserve the cultural heritage.

The following are envisaged:
– Eestoration of the fortification wall of the Big Island;
– Construction of a new roof of the temple of Cybele;
– Widening of the pedestrian promenade on the island;
– Construction of three viewing platforms – places for rest and observation of birds and the surrounding area;
– Establishment of a ticket center, etc.

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